Your Search Is Over for Carryon Luggage!

For those of us who travel quite often, our luggage is one of our main priorities to make sure it arrives with us safely. It may already be a hassle to get to the airport and deal with your boarding pass, checking in luggage and getting through TSA. But to make sure your more personable items come with you on the plane as your carry-on luggage is even more essential to your trip. Rules change quite often with the different sizes required to have carryon luggage on the flight with you. We do not want to get stuck in line at TSA just to be turned around to have your luggage checked in, which will make our experience a whole lot more of an inconvenience than we anticipated. There are several brands that have provided some of the best bags we can carry with us.

From coast to coast and international travel, there are some things you need to know when looking for the best carry on luggage. Decide if you want a hard or soft exterior for your luggage. Also consider if you want two wheels or four wheels for the rotation of where your suitcase will go. Let’s consider if you have a long layover and you want to be entertained you while you wait to board your next flight. Visionair Podpal will be perfect for you because it has a slot on the top of it to place your table and allow you to watch videos or movies. You can truly be hands-free with this almost indestructible polycarbonate exterior of luggage. Just in case you were considering having a duffel bag as opposed to an actual suitcase, consider the Eagle Creek Carry-On. It is 20 inches long and has a retractable handle for your convenience. It also has several pockets on the outside for an easy reach of placing your valuables or water bottles inside.

Before you choose the best luggage, you should have as a carry-on on a flight, you must consider regulations according to the airline you will be flying with. The primary standard for carry-ons are 22 x 14 but please be careful to do you do diligence with research first. For example, depending on what country you’re flying to, they may use centimeters as opposed to inches to measure the luggage. You must be able to convert those numbers before knowing if you can travel with that carry on or not. And even if your luggage meets the required measurements, you must look at the weight of it as well. If it is overweight, more than likely you will have to check in that luggage, so you must do your homework first. Keep in mind that locked bags are cut if they choose to do a random inspection on it. Be certain to have your luggage either unlocked or closed with a TSA-approved lock on it instead. With this knowledge, you will select the perfect luggage!