9 Fun Facts You May Not Know About Hair

Almost all of us have it, and most women wouldn’t mind admitting that they totally obsess about it, but many of us don’t really know the facts about our hair.  Here we will go through 10 surprising facts you may not have known about hair.

Fact 1: Hair Coverage

The human body is covered from head to toe in different types of hair, some visible and some virtually invisible; however there are a few parts of the body that produce no hair what so ever, and these are the palms of our hands, the soles of our feet and our lips.

Fact 2: Pulling Out Hair

Pulling a hair out at different times during the hair cycle impacts the body in different ways.  If you pull a hair out at the end of its life cycle, it will not hurt at all, and you are unlikely to feel it, whereas if you pull a hair at the start of its cycle, it will definitely be felt.

Fact 3: Hair Growth

Hair grows at a much faster rate than many believe, an incredible 3mm every single day.  So over a month, you can see between 3-4 inches of growth. That means in one year you potentially could grow your hair by 36 inches! Although this is great news, for many of us our hair just doesn’t grow as fast as we wish it would, so that’s where Jadore hair extensions Australia comes in!

Fact 4: Hair Numbers

The numbers of hairs each of us have can vary quite dramatically, with some individuals having very thin and others really thick hair. On average we have between 100,000 to 150,00 hairs on our head.

Fact 5: Lifespan

Each hair has its own lifespan.  The average lifespan of a single hair can be anywhere from 4-7 years.

Fact 6: Hair Loss

Have you ever come out of the shower and brushed your hair only to find that you are pulling out what seems like quite a lot of hair? That is because on average we lose between 50-100 hairs per day.  So that is why you will find yourself having to empty your hairbrush of dead lost hairs regularly.

Fact 7: New Hair Growth

To match the fact above, when these hairs come out they are not gone forever as a new hair will immediately begin to grow in its place.  This can happen up to 20 times in a lifetime which is why when the 20 times has passed; people start to slowly lose their hair, as the hairs that come out can no longer be replaced.

Fact 8: Hair Shape

The shape and size of each hair vary from person to person, and more noticeable from origin to origin.  For example, African-American, Asians and Caucasians will all have very different shapes and sizes of hair which is why there is a noticeable difference between these hair types

Fact 9: Curly Hair

Even hair that is 100% straight is curly, even if only slightly.  All hair twists as it grows.  What differentiates the curliness of hair is how many twists the hair makes as it grows. The number of twists in a given length will determine how straight or curly hair is.