10 earrings which will complement any kind of occasion

Earrings have been a fashion accessory for decades now, and we cannot simply live without them. They give an outfit a certain kind of panache and style and enhance it to a degree of complementing it.

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10 earrings which will complement any kind of occasion

These are the 10 types of earrings that complement any kind of occasion:

  1. Tasseled earrings: Earrings which have tassels or delicate, multi-colored threads hanging down in a pattern have become quite the rage. These earrings have added a certain kind of quirk to any outfit. They evoke a chill vibe and can be worn with kurtis, short dresses, maxi dresses and short tops even!
  2. Drop Earrings: Drop earrings have been a symbol of elegance in the past decades. They have always been a savior of an otherwise bad dress or an otherwise dull dress even. Drop earrings, especially stone drop earrings amp up the elegance quotient for an outfit, be it cocktail dresses or lehengas.
  3. Jhumkas: Ah! The one pair of earrings that no Indian person can afford not to have in their wardrobe. A delicate silver dangler with a mini chandelier at the top, Jhumkas have been the accessory that we swear by for our outfits. At first, these earrings started out as an exclusively Indian attire accessory, but now, due to the many, many fashion statements by evolving youth, they have become a staple accessory of every outfit, at every occasion.
  4. Stud Earrings: A staple in everyone’s wardrobe, stud earrings are a must-have earring in our huge collection. They are simple, elegant and a hassle-free accessory to wear. You simply cannot go wrong with a stud earring, when you can wear it with any outfit (preferably a little on the heavier design side), and you are good to go!
  5. Hoop earrings: An accessory of the bygone era, hoop earrings exudes confidence and edge. If you have a pair of gold and silver hoops in your wardrobe, you can pair them with absolutely anything, be it simple t-shirts, tops or plain dresses. Hoop earrings go with anything and bring that extra dash of delight into the occasion.
  6. Chandelier Earrings: Pair of long and ornate earrings that dangle from the earlobes, usually dropping from more than one level, Chandelier earrings is the heaviest of all the earrings that we are going to see on this list today. They are usually studded with heavy stones which make them perfect for Indian wear, given its design. But, they also look good with cocktail dresses, gowns, and little black dresses and can be worn for any occasion.
  7. Bajoran Earrings: Bajoran Earrings are an accessory of the Bajoran tribe that gained a lot of popularity with our fascination with them in the past few years. It was an elaborate piece of jewelry traditionally worn on the right ear by the Bajoranpeople as a symbol of their faith. Each person’s earring was individualized and bore the symbol of their family. These earrings cover the whole of your ear and look great when you pair them with bohemian dresses or simple Indian wear.
  8. Ear cuff: An ear cuff is worn around the ear. The difference between an ear cuff and a Bajoran earring is that an ear cuff doesn’t dangle or have any threads. It usually is a hassle-free earring to wear and can be worn almost exclusively on anything.
  9. Huggie earrings: Worn in pierced ears, ‘Huggies’ are a popular style of earring where the setting actually ‘hugs’ the earlobe. They refer to earrings made up of small hoops that fit closely around the earlobes. They attach to the ears with a post that fits between two halves of the hoop. These earrings are probably what most of the readers would be familiar with since these earrings were the first pair that they would’ve worn. Huggie earrings can go with any occasion and any attire, as long as the attire is heavy.
  1. Threader earrings: The earring is threaded through the pierced ear. The end is a bar or post, but the rest of the earring will be made of a flexible chain, which swishes as you move.These earings could have designs on them or be simple in solid colors. Regardless of what kind of designs they use, these are the ultmate earings to have.

With these ten earrings, you can amp up the charm on any occasion, without spending too much and be hard on your pocket!